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NSC in the EFW ! Empty NSC in the EFW !

Post  Kaluani on Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:32 pm


I thought it might be helpfull to have a list of NSC in the EFW. We had something similiar in the fed before (thanks to Von Ryan!) and I found it very useful over time!

I will add all NSC that jump of my creation, please post your own NSC with all the needed information and mark them with "open" or "Closed" (as the RP - if an NSC is open, he can be used by anyone!)

EFW - Staff:
Gene Davids (Open) :
an old retired wrestler (isn't there always one of them?). He was a very successful champion in his old days, by now he has a family and is a henpecked husband.
He is technically skilled and knows a lot about wrestling, but often calm and calculating. He is also polite and correct.
He was hired by Kaluani as the main commentator and has a good bound to him. He is also very good at his job.

Mike Zuchas: (Open)
He is a hot-headed wrestling fan. He was chosen in a casting process and although he is not really an expert in the field of wrestling, he makes that up with creative ideas and his open-minded personality. Sometimes, he appears a bit dumb due to his lack of profiency, but usually, the fans still like him. Actually, he is open for any idea that comes to him and is often overwhelmed by his own emotions. He is a nice person!

Jason, the self-proclaimed worlds best interviewer: (Open)
Jason is an interviewer on the backstage of the EFW and thinks he is the best in his job. Actually, he isn't, but that doesn't hinder him in to do as if he were the best and only one around!
Jason can be used for every purpose or interview, but you can also make up one or two additional commentators.


Betty: (Half-Open, please take care when using her as she is quite special to Kaluani and I want her to keep her flair! If you use her, it may happen that I edit the thing to fit her style Smile )
She is Kaluanis living pet plant. She is a giant carnivorous plant that is alive and she is some kind of watchdog in Kaluanis office. She is usually relativly nice to everyone, but she can also be very dangerous. As long as Kaluani is around, she is easy to handle, but if he isn't she may attack or even hurt people if they act in the wrong way.
Betty is also somehow an undividable part of Kaluani. It seems she is some kind of his soft side. Kaluani is a quite isolated person and often quite rational in his decisions and Betty often makes up for that and gives him a push in another direction.

As for what she is really capable of: Be surprised: So far she is able to move and communicate (a bit like pet, squeaking and such), and the threat that goes out of her is real.

Kat Vixen (Closed) : Partner / manager of Mike Champion

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NSC in the EFW ! Empty Re: NSC in the EFW !

Post  Roy Jones on Thu Jul 02, 2009 11:12 pm

Kat Vixen is closed cause when i had her open before people kept trying to steal her
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