Bodders, makes a statement.

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Bodders, makes a statement. Empty Bodders, makes a statement.

Post  James Young/ Bodders on Thu Oct 22, 2009 7:18 pm

Darkness is in the room, and Bodders stand tall in the middle of it all. His pale yellow eyes glare at light of the camera, therefore glaring at the camera itself. He sneered darkly before he spoke for the first time.

Bodders: "Those who get in my way, will be destroyed. For I am the chosen one of darkness, and my power controls more than anyone can ever wish to get hold of."

Bodders holds out a hand, and suddenly a figure rises from the darkness, the shadows washing all of the figure's body.

Bodders: "I will not be the one to lose this fight, for I am better than everyone else in this match tonight, Alexis is not a match for me, and I can easily destroy and Faith is merely someone who I can use to gain my victory. They have been warned!"
James Young/ Bodders
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