Searching for a stable or a member (50K+ WS)

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Searching for a stable or a member (50K+ WS) Empty Searching for a stable or a member (50K+ WS)

Post  Kaluani on Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:16 am


Sadly, one of my old stable members has left the game (Emerald Ostrich, he was part of the EFW a whiel ago).

Now my stable is simply alone with 3 people: me (67K WS), Klaus Kauroff (55 K WS) and CM aivich (48K WS). We have been teaming and fighting since the beginning of the game and have already 2700 fought matches. Or ranking was very high at the end, we all got paid 200-225 FE per match.

We are searching for a new member around the score or higher. If that's impossible, but there is a stable with one or two open spots around our score (for me and Klaus), I'd happily join.

Thanks so far!

Greetings, Kal, taking a few days off in season break to relax

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