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Post  bigandrea89 on Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:04 am

Wrestler Name: BigAndrea89

Status: Face

Wrestler Appearance

Height: 5 10

Weight: 280 pounds

Appearance: Dressed as an Aztec Warrior

Wrestler Background
Bigandrea89 was born in Italy, in the poor town of Calabria. Bigandrea89 trained everyday to become the best tech in the world. One day Bigandrea89 was seen by the tech legend AZTEC who saw the fire in Bigandrea89 heart and decided to become his mentor. In honor of his mentor Bigandrea89 decided to dress in traditional warrior clothing and live his life under the Aztec code. Bigandrea89 has made it his challenge to beat those who show no respect and become the greatest champ.

Wrestler pic
BigAndrea89 Aztec11

Wrestler Entrance

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