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Post  James Young/ Bodders on Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:06 am

The Titantron suddenly turns on and a written message starts to write itself on the giant screen. Many people start to wonder what is going on, but no-one knows.
Many people have known a lot of things about James Young, but he's now dead
Murdered, by his own brother, and no-one gave a damn about it
Well .. I am going to end that .. I will be the darkness that devours the Light
The Light, who think that they are the greatest thing in the world
But yet they do nothing at all to help him
They don't even help his family out
There has been no arrests, and I want to know why
My master and I want to know why this is the case
Myself and my master will find out the truth about everything
We will never stop until we get what we want
That I can assure you of
My master and I will not stop until you are buried six feet under
Until we can have our revenge for being hidden for so long
Nothing will ever be the same ever again in EFW
You have only yourself to blame
We are going to do the right thing
And do what you could not
Bodders and I, are the saviors of Darkness
And together my master and I will destroy the Light
The message ends making people wonder if the problem caused by Ryan Young will ever end, James' murder seems pointless now, considering that even more freaks seem to be appearing these days, in EFW.
James Young/ Bodders
James Young/ Bodders

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