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AKA: The Cocky Little Dynamo
Alliance: Face - Tweener
Style: Speed
Trademark Finishers: Divine Wind & Pussycat Swallowtail

Faith Devine was a runaway from an abusive childhood whom ended up in the mean streets of New Orleans, LA. She learned to be tough and lived her teenage years out on the streets with the rest of the homeless. She eventually fell under the friendly wing of one Marcel Romano whom runs a New Orleans wrestling school and small independant enterprise.

Faith worked in Marcel's school, got to know the wrestling business and discovered she had found what had been missing in her life, a passion. Marcel was at first reluctant to think a small woman could make it in his wrestling world but was pleasantly suprised at Faith's fierce determination, speed and natural skills.

Faith became known as a cocky little dynamo that became the equal of her male peers. She entered Marcel's indy federation and to no one's suprise she held her own.

Faith's style is one to capitalize on her quickness so not to have to go toe to toe with her stronger male conterparts. She moves like a firecracker always staying one step ahead of her opponent and keeping him off balance. She utilizes the ropes and turnbuckle to give her extra momentum to add the much needed power to her attacks. Kicks, both martial and flying, are an important equilizer for her. She isn't much for pure power moves because of her smaller frame but she attempts some submissions where more skill than power is needed to be effective. High flyer moves like the hurracanrannas and moonsaults are her specialties.

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