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Post  half man half hippo on Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:35 am

Size: 7'0''
Weight: 500+lbs
Location: africa

Once upon a time in africa there was a little hippo.
He was a common hippo until this strange day....

Our little hippo was wandering around until some of these skinny hairless apes came again. ...and as usual they used a unknown animal to travel around.

They made noise, walked around and after some time they went into the unknown animal again, who carried them away, but one of them lost a little "foreign" object.
Our hippo was frightened but like the most little hippos also curious. He ignored all the warnings of his parent-hippos and checked the object.

It was one of these:

half man half hippo's bio 180px-10

It smelled good and didn't defend itself so he ate it.....

Nobody would be able to forecast this out this result, but he transformed into something more "human".

He ate the mysterious GOLDEN TWINKY!

He became a half man half hippo and began to realize many things. Somehow he gained many knowledge of humans just be eating the "twinky". Yes, he knows the name now, too.
But it was not only the transformation and the knowledge that he gained....he recieved superpowers.

He tries to figure out the whole amount of his powers, but the source of his powers - THE GOLDEN TWINKY - gave him some mysterious abilities.

Some examples:

He could forecast the weather with a accurance of almost 50% >>> DRY.
He could forecast the taste of the Nile >>>> hmmm....muddy.

With all those powers and many still hidden powers, he thought about his future and decided to share his powers. He wants to self-actualize and his answer to all of this facts was:

half man half hippo's bio Herohi10

With this hero-costume he wandered around, helped the innocent, defeated evildoers and ....well...ate alot.

...to be continued....

half man half hippo

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