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Technique - How To ? Empty Technique - How To ?

Post  Kaluani on Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:27 pm

Hi !

Although I am no pro-Player, I gathered some facts around my class (Technique) and since we all want our wrestlers to be the best, I thought i'd try and share some of those.
Nothing here has to be completly right and you probably want to do things different anyhow, but maybe some of the tricks may help you.

I will add information over the time, since I have not enough time to say everything right now.

But let's begin with the basics. i bet most of the technique are asking themselves:

Why the heck are there two bonusses and what do I need them for?
Well, obviously, there are "Submission Bonus" and "Submission Damage Increaser", both get a boost from our "Mastery". But you can still decide to focus on "Ruthless Grasp" or "Power Grappling".
Well, to exactly determine what those are for, here is the mechanics a submission move works:

A submission move has three parts (and only three maximum):

First part:
Kaluani grabs his opponent's head and arms
to make his body weave unnaturally with a light Eastern Stretch!!

Second Part:
Kaluani keeps his ruthless submission hold

Third part:
Kaluani keeps his agonizing submission hold

The first hit of the move is determined by the strength of the move and your direct damage increaser. I.e., if the first hit of the move is "light", "Strong", "powerful" or whatever has nothing to do with our tech stuff. Also, if the move hits or not has nothing to do with our tech stuff - this is determined via Attack Bonus.
So for this first part of the move, we only need stats we get from the strength tree. Everything is just like a normal move - damage is taken from enemy's HP, etc.

But then again, we come to the second and third part of the move, and this is where our submission stuff comes into play. If you make a "weak", "ruthless", "excruciating" or "agonizing" or whatsoever move is determined by your damage and your Submission Damage increaser.
It is not clearly stated how those second parts make damage. Most say they make damage to the enemies stamina (which seems to be right), but in a different amount then it should (obviously, if your moves hit for 100 Damage and a normal opponent has around 400 stamina - this can't be right).
Then again, what is submission bonus for? It has two functions: First, it determines how long your hold is ... well, held. Those "XY quickly escapes the hold" are tested against your sub bonus. Second, the height of your sub bonus determines how likely it is that your opponent taps out. This, in regard, happens only when he is low on stam/HP, because the enemies Damage Resistance is taken into account here and that only wears off later in a match.

So in short:
Submission Damage: Increase Chance of injury, increase damage in the second and third part of a sub move.
Submission Bonus: Increase chance of holding the hold, increase chance of opponent tapping out.

How comes you injure and what does it do?
Well, Injury is a mystery even to most Technique Players, the only ones who truly know are probably the designers of the game. I for myself go with the opinion that Injury is determined via your sub damage increaser and the damage of the move, in regards to the enemies left stamina and Damage Reducer.
It is not officially, but probably injury works as bleeding does: As long you're injured, you lose additional stamina for making each and every move.

What kind of submission finisher should I use?
Not an easy question here. As you know, finisher get more and more expensive as you invest in some stats. I for myself have two going and work very well with them. One finisher is with high damage, but low sub bonus. It often makes the enemy injured and helps bringing the match on - still, it lacks the damage of a DD-Move, so it is only used later in the game.
Myother finisher has a low amount of damage (2-4) and a great sub bonus. It is also set for later parts of the game, and the moment I use it is usually the moment the match ends, very often the opponent taps out then.
What you want to take is totally up to you. I can only tell if you look at the top sub-finishers in the "charts" section, the first three have low damage, so they should have a very high sub bonus, but there are also moves with a high damage in the charts, so both should work fine.

Where to invest my time and attributes?
Well, a good question and nothing simple to answer anyhow! If you think about skilling your attributes, there are three things you have to think about:

1) You have to think about your (future) move setup.
2) You have to have something to win your match
3) You have to have enough power to stand a match, even a longer one

This sounds easy and you can do things very differently here, but the more options you get, the harder it gets. First of all, if you thought about something, stick to it - don't change things too often.

Well, but let's start with the three points and take my opinion.

1) Move setup. I think this is the most important thing in the game. Your moves should have a conecpt - just don't buy every move, and do not take everything the same time. If you start, go and have a look at the New Moves Table and think what moves you want to reach. This often helps in what you might want to skill, and have a look what moves are availible. If you only have moves that bring your opponent to "Groggy", you won't use your maybe very strong "Bent Down" Moves very often. I know this is very hard and tricky right in the beginning, but you should think and consider it alongtime you level up, because in the endgame, nothing works if your move-setup is complete crap.

2) Winning. Sure, for a tech it's easy: Everything that has to do with submission should be our winning team. We won't go for pinning and we won't go for making the opponent bleed, so we injure them and let them tap out. So you should always put a little focus on keeping your sub-bonus and sub-damage high and getting some moves that take advantage of this. The best submission bonus is useless if you still only use fist lock and have fifteen non-submission moves in the same position.
But here comes another trick: Most tech players invest lot of points in their submission damage, forgetting that the enemy isn't likely to tap out when he is still in green! So you should also invest some points into normal moves and damage from normal moves. Oh, and surely not forget to raise Attack Bonus!

3) Survivability. A hard point, often underestimated from most techs. If you concentrate on damage, tahts fine, but you have to have the power to stand a longer match ! It is very important to raise your HP to a good, normal amount, but, and that is very important, always invest LOTS of points into your stamina! Submission holds not only damage the opponents stamina, as all moves do, it also uses up your stamina, and since it has three ticks, it does it three times.
So, invest into "lightness" (Speed) to reduce this cost and invest some points into the advanced ability "increased Resistance". "Tireless" (Toughness) is also a possible way to increase stamina, but it does not give that many points (around 2-6, depending on level) and there are other points in the resistance tree you need (damage resistance and HP). The best point is to raise stamina with advanced abilities.
A good traget number for around level 9-10 is 400 stamina, and you will see that this is hard to get!

Some starting numbers to begin with:
Your attack bonus (Strength Tree) should reach a number from 10-15 in the beginning for your moves to hit.
You should gain some speed levels and reach a stamina reducer around 15-20.
Investing in Resistance should give you Damage Decreaser and HP.
Investing in Tech should give you Mastery, Ruthless Grasp and some Power Graplling and Block.

The rest you need to skill is determined by your move set (which needs some abilities).- Keep in mind that your technique not only levels faster, it also provides you with additional skill points, so it should always be your best attribute.

What should my favorite moves look like?
A big question. Should you use submission moves, should you use damage moves? I cannot tell you the answer. All i know is that trademarks/Favorites are the strongest moves you get throughout the game and you should try not to change them often. Start early with a move in Groggy / Bent Down / Grounded and gather points. Then have a look for what moves you want to have as trademarks in the new moves section (link is above) and work to get them, then set them as your trademarks and enjoy them.
I for myself go with two submission moves and one damage move, but this has one great flaw: You are limited to the use of maximum 3 trademarks per match, and if your great submission trademarks go off early, then they won't do any good, that's why damage moves are always useful - damage is a good thing in each part of the game Smile
For a tech, i qould suppose to have at least one really strong grounded sub move as trademark (such as Figure 4, Sharpshooter or Ankle lock). Alhotugh it might cost you some trouble to gain the move and it might go off at the wrong time, it may also be the decision in lots of matches. As for what you do with the rest of your moves, I don't have any great suggestion.
Some use only sub moves (Bent Down: Octopus Hold, Groggy: Full/Half Nelson), others use high damage moves (Olympic Slam, Twist of Fate), even more others try to use high bleeding bonus moves (Fisherman DDT, Inverted DDT, Diving Headbutt) to use the advantage of both bleeding and injuries. It's up to you.

More to come !

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Technique - How To ? Empty Re: Technique - How To ?

Post  Kaluani on Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:28 pm

I learned a lot about submission moves in the Wiki:

Submission Guide-Wiki

There are a lot of things I didn't know yet and they come from a high-level tech, so I suppose he's more right then I am !

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Technique - How To ? Empty Re: Technique - How To ?

Post  Kaluani on Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:29 pm

And i will add some decent ways of a tech-build soon. As far as my "research" goes, there are 3 main options when building up a tech that are known to be workable, and I think i can summarize the main idea of them here.

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Technique - How To ? Empty Re: Technique - How To ?

Post  Kaluani on Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:12 am

Before looking at different builds, i will in short tell you the main points in which they differ. The first and most important is the AT's you invest your EP in. Normally, you should always stick to three AT's maximum (maybe with 1-2 smaller AT in addition, depending on the build). some of the builds also have some specialities in the way to spend your ability-points, I will also mention that. Also, I will give my guess at what could be the best trademarks.
As everything in here, most of it is my own personal thoughts, so i could be totally wrong, if you have different expierences, just say so.

Tech-Builds, number one:
The Standard Build

In this build, the tech is quite near most other classes. You will go for normal damage and use your submission skills as a supplement. This is the most often build I have seen in the real high ranks. It focuses on dealing out a lot of damage and then finishing the enemy with some submission damage as well!

Your AT's should focus on Power Blow, Damage Reduce and Increased Resistance. you should supplement them with additonal HP, maybe!
Your trademarks should stick around with damage and one sub move, most of the time - that would be Ankle Lock. For Damage, go for Twist of Fate and Olympic Slam (or Multiple German Suplex).
Your Stat build obviously follows up this path - concentrating on Direct Damage Increaser and Direct Damage Decreaser.

The main problem of this build is that it doesn't really have any overall strength - you invest AT's in skills you have lower than the related special classes (you'll always end up with less DR than a res, less DDI than a strength and less of both than a balanced, and a speed still has so much dodge that you won't hit). Your HP are so low in the higher level, that you usually need to back them up with AT a lot.
Remember, a good DD-Finisher on level 20-25 does about 1000 Damage (or even more), that's about the HP you'll have at that level... So if that one hits you, the match is already over.

Tech-Build number two:
"Not getting hit"

This is the build i am trying right now. I never expected it to work as well as it does, in fact! In this build, you give a damn about DR and go for an unspeakable amount of Block instead. you'll also need a very high stamina and something to do damage. You can go either for Direct Damage or Submission Damage - I would prefer Submission Damage, as it is our main strength already.

Your AT's should relate to that strategy: Increased Block, increased Resistance, moral Submission (or Power Blow). Right now, I don't see any real helping AT's any further. Maybe some small amounts of increased sub bonus.
Trademark: Definitly (if you stick to SDI) go for at least two sub moves - Ankle Lock and Full Nelson. The third should be some high damage move to get the enemy worn out... - I use Twist of Fate.

You should really think about sticking to that kind of build, especially in terms of stats - I have fail-invested here and have some DR / DDI out of stats which is pretty useless to me as I they are so low that they won't have any effect at all - could be better invested points, mainly in more HP and more Attack Bonus / Berserker.
So if you want to go for this build really think if you are willing to do that. Most of the time, this build wins in green or loses against someone in green - if you are to be hit, you are in trouble. If you are not able to pull an injury early in the game, you are also in trouble.
It's a bit like a "all or nothing" card.

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Technique - How To ? Empty Re: Technique - How To ?

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