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Post  James Young/ Bodders on Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:35 am

Heya people, I was looking back at my very first fed LSW. And looking at my old roleplays and I mean old!!

This was made on the 13th March 2008

***In a locker room, Bodders is found muttering to himself***

Bodders: "Destruction, Pain and the Splash. All of these are artistic." ***Bodders looks into a mirror to see himself, bleeding from his lip and a new scar is seen on his forehead.*** "I trained and pushed myself to the limit, but I'm still a failure, I'm still too weak" ***Bodders, starts breaking down, tightening his fists, until they started to bleed slightly*** "I'm still too weak, I still can't avenge you" ***Bodders throws a punch at the mirror smashing it, Bodders' blood stains the broken mirror*** "I still can't avenge your death" ***Bodders starts crying, but his tears only turn out to be blood***

***Jennifer choses that moment to walk into the locker room***

Jennifer: "Bodders how do you feel about tonight's" ***She stops, speechless at Bodders' appearance and condition*** "B-Bodders what h-have you d-done?!"

***Bodders stares at Jennifer angrily***

Bodders "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!" ***Bodders' brown eyes start glowing slightly and suddenly change into a pale yellow***

***The camera suddenly gets covered in blood and a scream pierces the air as the camera fades to black***

So if you want to post any old roleplays or want to see more of mine, just post here.

Because EFW will make history.
James Young/ Bodders
James Young/ Bodders

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Old Rolepays for your old feds Empty Re: Old Rolepays for your old feds

Post  Leon Heart on Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:35 pm

4th June 2008

GEW - A cesspit of a fed, but still some classic rp

have a good night!

*Later in that night!*

*Pavo is walking in the cool night air through a darkened alley next to the pub, footsteps approach quicker and quicker from behind him. A voice calls out:*

“Hey Pavo! Wait up!”

*Pavo turns slowly to come face to face with Leon Heart, Leon face shows the tell tale scars and bruises of his debut match against ‘The Jake’*

“Pavo, Listen, this isn’t really like me, and I’m not sure if this is really my place but I think you are a hell of a wrestler and we joined the GEW at the same time so Im going to say what’s on my mind…. What the BLOODY HELL are you thinking! The Kings of Dominance! You have it all Pavo, you can go in any direction you want, why would you go and join up with those guys?

Hell Pavo I’m not going to go the whole hog and say you should be ‘Saying you prayers’ or ‘Eating your Vitamins’ Brother, but being a wrestler is all about training, working hard, blood lost, sweat dripping! Not about being in a gang!

*Pavo looks into Leon’s eyes taking the words in*

“Listen Pavo, All I’m saying is you should be your own man, you think those guys are going to protect you? You think that you’re part of their gang? I got news for you Pavo, you are just a hired hand, a Goon! You think they are going to look out for you? You think they are going to come running every time you get in trouble? Wake up Pavo and smell the Bovril!”

*Pavo suddenly looks beyond Leon, and gently smiles, a presence looms in the alley, the camera pans back to show the remaining members of the Kings of Dominance standing behind Leon each carrying a weapon….. *

"You now what leon in many ways your right and in many ways your equaly wrong. yes wrestling is about all those things but also about the friends and enemies you make along the way. And yes i might be a goon but i'm very good at what i'm doing, and a goon? well look behind you leon it seems that even goons gets some backup"

*Turning his head leon notices 47 H,Iron masked man and jonny mack stading behind him with bats ready to strike*

"You know what leon looks like this can get ugly, why don't u and i just settle this little argument in the ring, you don't have to answer right now think about it."

*With those words pavo just walks by leon to meet up with the rest of KoD to begin his training for the day !*

*The camera shows the Kings of Dominance walking off into the crisp night air, until there is just blackness, the camera turns its attention to Leon, a red streetlamp shines down on him, casting him in an almost demonic glow.*

"Pavo, Pavo, Pavo.... The only thing I need to think about is which leg I am going to break when I slap the London Lockdown on in the GEW ring! Oh, and as for getting ugly....you aint seen nothing yet."

*Leon leans in to the camera, pointing directly down the lens*

"So GM, if your watching this, how about it? Leon Heart vs your very own hired goon, Pavo, lets just call it a real chance for him to show you what he is made of!"

*Camera fades to black as we see Leon exit the alley in the opposite direction to the Kings of Dominance*

Leon Heart

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