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Alexis is finally here! Empty Alexis is finally here!

Post  Alexis on Fri Jul 03, 2009 3:51 pm

A little slow at joining, but I was still looking at the other forum going 'wtf'. Yeah, yeah, I know. I should pay more attention. Embarassed Anyway, here's the intro!

Name: Alexis LaCoeur
Nickname: Angel Papillion
Occupation: Gymnast & professional wrestler
Alignment: Face
Nationality: Canadian
Hometown: Gatineau, Quebec

Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: Peridot
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 105 lbs.

Wears a metallic teal halter-neck top, trimmed in silver, with matching form-fitting female wrestling trunks. A pair of silver wrestling boots trimmed in teal adorn her feet, coming up mid-calf to meet with silver kneepads that come up the rest of her calf to just above her knee. Fingerless silver grappling gloves cover her hands, leaving her palms exposed. The item that completes this outfit though, is a long, sweeping hooded cape of teal that encircles her body like a cloak. Silver wing-like patterns have been threaded throughout, and the bottom hem is ruffled in such a way as to resemble butterfly wings.

Background: The daughter of a Canadian Ambassador, Alexis led a rather exciting but sheltered life until recently and due to this she's a veritable social "butterfly". She keeps only a handful of close friends, but is still a sweet, bubbly, spunky and outgoing girl. A gymnast by day, she started professional wrestling as a secret/hidden pasttime, wearing a mask to keep her identity unknown. As her popularity grew, so did her confidence, and thus the mask was removed from her outfit. Currently, she's traveling the globe attending various gymnastics competitions, and uses a lot of her gymnastics techniques and aerial moves in her repertoire.

Alexis is finally here! 298942


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Alexis is finally here! Empty Re: Alexis is finally here!

Post  Kaluani on Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:36 pm

Hi !

Oh well, don't worry! We would never be the same without any beauty like you at our side Wink

Very happy to have you here, your RP's always were top notch!

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