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Post  True Thug Thompson on Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:17 am

Name: "True Thug" Thompson
Age: 28 (TWG) 17(actual)
Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
Height: 6'2
Weight: 270
Face/Heel: Major Face
Nickname: T3, Thug, TTT, Triple T

I got talent and dont mind showin it. Havent really had the chance to get my own show so gonna ride out till I get one which should be a long time, but anyway. Former VGM of two shows. Mainly ran both shows. I am a Thug and dont mind showin or proving it at all. Thinks of my fans as a nation, thats why they are entitled the Thug Nation. Gonna keep it short and simple, I'm clean, and I'm here for the fun, to win championships, but mostly the fans. Nothing else matters. I'm great with roleplaying, and you will see that as time goes on. The remaining bio can be viewed at http://www.truethugthompson.webs.com
True Thug Thompson
True Thug Thompson

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