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Post  Payne & Heaven on Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:16 am

Wrestler Name: Payne

Face, Heel, Tweener: Heel

Wrestler Appearance (Height, Weight or clothing): 6' tall, 240 lbs

Wrestler Background (where does he come from, what is his general attitude, what may be his special gimmick)
Payne is a patient at the asylum that Heaven St. Cloud, his personal nurse, works for. She contacted the UNWA in an effort to use their resources of available hostilities to quell the rages in her patient in hopes it will restore his memory and cure him of his violent tendencies.
When not in the ring, Heaven keeps him in a locked steel crate for the safety of himself and others, pushing it down to ringside to release Payne upon his next 'hope for a cure'.

After several seasons of bringing his own style of wrestling to the UNWA, he has been brought to EFW to continue his 'treatment plan' at the hands of Heaven St. Cloud.

Wrestler Picture :
Payne - Payne's Bio Payne
Heaven St. Cloud - Payne's Bio Heaven
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