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Post  Jasonic on Sun Jun 28, 2009 5:15 am

Name: Jason Davis

Wrestling Personas: Devastator X (current), El Badguy-O, Jasonic, and Sex Freak 2000 JD

Age: 30
Date Of Birth: April 17th
Height: 7'
Weight: 350lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Born: Washington DC, USA

Disposition: Super-Heel on screen, approachable off camera when not in 'costume'.

Devastator X: wears body paint from waist to face, of a siberian tiger, white and black tiger stripes. Black ring gear, gloves, elbow pads, trunks, gun metal black knee braces, black ankle high boots.

Wrestler specialty: Devastator X is a tag team specialist, and is currently part of the team known as Devastating Darkness, co-founded with Damien Darkness. While a competent singles wrestler, he thrives in the tag match scene.

Group of Affiliation: Devastating Darkness & The Agenda (several incarnations: The Sin City Agenda, The Agenda of Darkness, The Overdose Agenda)

Current Finisher Manuevers:
The Kick Of Fear (Running Big Foot Kick To The Face) - Direct Damage
The Sin City Eye Poke (A Eye Poke) - Direct Damage
The Fall From Grace (Top Rope Five Star Frog Splash) - Pinning

Current Signature Manuevers:
The Sin City Slam (A modified OKLAHOMA SLAM)
The Face Disgracer (A modified DOUBLE UNDERHOOK PILEDRIVER)
The Sin City Spear (A modified DIVING SPEAR)

Current Taunts:
The X Effect
The Call Of The Witches
The Dance Of The Dead

Interesting Facts:

Devastator X is the dual persona of three time NFL MVP Jason Davis.
Devastator X has his own record company, DevaMetal Records.
Devastator X has the most personas currently in wrestling: Jason Davis, Jasonic, Sex Freak 2000 JD, El Bad-Guy-O, & Devastator X.

Wrestler Biography:
Jason Davis was a exceptional athlete, a unique linebacker, drafted out of college by the Washington Redskins, in the first round, as the overall number 1 pick. He was genetic freak by the standards of normal athletics, seven foot tall, three hundred fifty pounds, yet extremely agile, and capable of keeping up with the fastest running backs and wide receivers in the NFL. While he was on the field he was a superstar and stand up professional, but off the field he was mired with personal problems, drug usage, and the tendency to live a life of total excess. His career came to a end after 6 short years, and three Super Bowl MVP trophies, due to a horrible tragedy, a motorcycle accident. After recovering through a three year process of rehab and reconstructive surgery he tried to move on with his life. Black listed from the world of football, he embarked on a path in the world of professional wrestling.

Current Theme/Entrance Music for Devastator X:

Wrestler Picture:

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Post  Kaluani on Sun Jun 28, 2009 1:45 pm

Aaahhh, good to see you here! Wondered where you'd gone, but a vacation is the best reason for not logging into a game Wink

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