Please have a look: Introductions!

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Please have a look: Introductions! Empty Please have a look: Introductions!

Post  Kaluani on Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:00 pm


I know most of you already posted your Intro, but here's something I ask of you and all the new guys anyway:

- please, if you post your Introduction, search for a little picture for your wrestler. It will be used in the show and helps making a show colorful.

- next thing: if you like, search for a video for your wrestler, because they are also used in the shows. If you're not sure, it helps to go to youtube and search for your favorite band or so to find a video suiting your character. This gives your char a very special touch and I think videos are the one thing that make the REAL difference between a char and another, especially if you are not that good roleplayer.
A little damper here: If you search on Youtube, have a small look while choosing your video, there is a small line on the right, called "embed" and then there is two options: A) There's a lot of strange code beneath it- everything is alright then, or B) there is a small line saying "Embed disabled by request" or something like that, then I can't use that video for a show...
And also the use of WWE-Content has so far been forbidden by the TWG-staff, so try not to use material which includes any WWE-stars.

- last thing: Please add some small, minor information: Like is you char face or heel or tweener (e.g. good or bad or in between both) and some information about the story and the char of your wrestler.

So, a perfect Introduction would look somehow like this:

Wrestler Name
Face, Heel, Tweener
Wrestler Appearance (Height, Weight or clothing)
Wrestler Background (where does he come from, what is his general attitude, what may be his special gimmick)
Wrestler Picture
Wrestler Video (Check youtube)
Any additional Information you want to provide

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Please have a look: Introductions! Empty Re: Please have a look: Introductions!

Post  Jasonic on Tue Jun 30, 2009 5:52 pm

Hey on a side note, for all of the EWF wrestlers who haven't taken the time to mention it, I need some finishers and signature manuever information. The ring announcers usually talk up your manuevers, and love to drop references to your specialty moves. I was reading wrestler bio's and noticed some of them were just that biographies. All of them have been great, but that little extra info would really help flesh out some of the commentaries during your matches. Nothing helps the build up like a announcer screaming.....


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