The Orangest Fetus of them all

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The Orangest Fetus of them all Empty The Orangest Fetus of them all

Post  Orange Fetus on Fri Jun 26, 2009 12:43 am

Wrestler Name: Orange Fetus
Alignment" Heel
Wrestler Appearance: 6'4" Tall, 270 lbs, Usually wears sleeveless T-Shirts with loose fitting shorts.
Wrestler Background: To Be Determined - Will be something based off having a messed up childhood so now he is a messed up person who just likes to beat people up, etc, etc.
Wrestler Picture: The Orangest Fetus of them all Orangefetus
Wrestler Video:
Any additional Information you want to provide: To Be Determined

Just figured I would get this up here now so I don't forget and then figure everything out another time.

Orange Fetus

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