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Post  Lightsoul on Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:55 pm

Wrestler Name: Lightsoul the Silent
Wrestler Appearance: He is a giant as his picture shows how he looks. 8'0 at least and his weight would vary depending on his techniques making him light or heavy at will. His attire is a business suit where he conducts his business in a busylike manner.
Wrestler Background : He grew up in a rough and tumble neighborhood where he learned that fists or actions speak louder than words. He is a man of few words. He was recruited into The school of Orthodox Moves by DoC the Mentor where he trained with Tsikenonwaristak and Tom Dudley before his mentor felt Lightsoul was ready to venture into his own path. one His general attitude is he don't care as long as anyone respects him and not interfere with his work. He would leave u alone unless provoked or you are his target. Other than that, he's a man of few words. His special gimmick is : don't let his size fool you.


Alpha To Omega - Lightsoul approaches the stunned opponent and holds his palm inches from the opponent's chest quietly for few secs before blasting him into the ropes. As the opponent came flying toward Lightsoul. He ducks under the opponent but he clamps the legs as the opponent shoots over him With a thunderous roar He flings the opponent down with a resounding move before covering the opponent executing an devastating Alpha To Omega!

Lights Out - Lightsoul closes his eyes quietly taking a deep breath before running around the opponent in circles creating several illusions of himself Wait No the images are actual copies of himself Next thing we witness flying palms battering the opponent from all directions OMIGOSH opponent is trapped in Lightsoul's claw and he's spinning the opponent in circles as he's ascending up b4 driving him down executing an devastating Lights Out!

Glimpse Of Despair - Lightsoul clamps the claw on the opponent's face then drives him backwards into each turnbuckle corner with a spine-shattering blow before finishing him off in the air with an overhead swing propelling the opponent to land on the back of his head into mat executing an devastating Glimpse Of Despair

No Trademarks yet.


Beckoning - Lightsoul Gives A Quiet Snort Quietly Positioning Himself In A Crouching Position And Waiting For The Opponent To Regain Consciousness executing The Beckoning

Yawn - Lightsoul Stifles An Desire To Yawn In Front Of His Opponent executing A Yawn

Unearthly Sigh - Lightsoul Takes A Deep Breath And Releases An Utterly Ear-shattering Unearthly Bone-rattling Sigh executing An Unearthly Sigh.

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