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Post  The Rapping Russian Boris on Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:13 pm

The backstage camera focuses on a man pacing back and forth in the dressing room. He towers above the cameraman and stops in front of it. Boris lets out a belch, before he addresses the crowd.
Boris: "Comrade Mysterio, you made your challenging this week against mighty Rapping Russian, and you fail again. Maybe next time you pay attention to wordings from Russian Bear. Would hurt you far less than stepping into circle squared."
Boris laughs so loudly that several backstage employees jump a little. His smile quickly fades though, as he continues...
Boris: "Now that I have beaten little nipping Pup Mysterio, I have been told I must now face another beast, this timing, Big Daddy Deuce. Comrade Deuce, we come to face each other tonight in what many will call a clashing of monsters. Godzilla vs King Kong. Bear vs Rhino. But we both know the difference between us and monsters is to having brains. This is not about prove who is bigger dog Comrade Deuce. Nyet. This is simply business."
Boris' eyes turn to a cold glare.
Boris: "And business is what I am all about. I see you put before me. Hungry. Angry. Like mad dog with prove to point. I would feeling same way if I lost match to opponent as you did. But you do not know me Comrade Deuce. Nyet, but you will be knowing. I am Rapping Russian Boris Raspunik. I am the Russian Bear, and I am one-half of East-West Connection with my ally Dynamite Derek Dunn. And I am your opponent. Make no mistaking Comrade Deuce, this bear does no dancing. This bear does no picnic basket nabbing. THIS BEAR WILL NOT MAKE WAY FOR YOU! You want further in Federation? You must get through me. And I will not be moving out of your way."
Boris smiles as the crowd boos him. He cracks his knuckles and turns to go. The camera follows him as he walks away, and Boris starts to rap...

Boris: "My match is coming, there will be blood
The fans tears will come like flood
They will see him hang Comrade Deuce,
With Russian's hands tight like noose.
Business is business, so they say
I live the business every day
And when it is done, my hand is raised
It is Russian Bear's name that will be praised......."

Boris laughs aloud, reaching into his pocket to grab a flask. He takes a quick sip or two as the camera fades out.
The Rapping Russian Boris
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