The Rush for Gold - Dunn Delivered (CLOSED - edited - ready for show)

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The Rush for Gold - Dunn Delivered (CLOSED - edited - ready for show) Empty The Rush for Gold - Dunn Delivered (CLOSED - edited - ready for show)

Post  Dynamite on Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:00 pm

As the camera focuses in, you see Derek Dunn at his home in Tampa, Florida, USA. He's sitting on a black leather couch. A glass of ice water sitting next to him on the table. Dressed in a black t-shirt, and blue jeans as Dunn begins to speak.
"Dynamite" Derek Dunn: "Almost two weeks ago, you guys saw me in action on Thursday Night, which put me up against some young punk named Big Fatty Douche. Now he's walking around backstage talking about how he had his way with me. About how he got screwed out of that match, and how he should have won in some kind of dominating fashion. However, there is only one thing that matters. The fact of the matter is.. I had my hand raised, while he lay in the middle of that ring with muscles twitching. Yet... he almost had me? Well guess what Big Fatty Douche... I had you. You fell victim to the East West Connection, and you fell in to the trap that I had perfectly set for you. You want to keep running your mouth B-D-D, you'll get exactly what you have coming to you."
Dunn takes a deep breath, and reaches for his glass of ice water as he takes a drink from the glass, wiping his mouth off and looking back at the camera.
"Dynamite" Derek Dunn: "Now, lets get down to business. Sunday, October 25th. Thats right, I'm talking about EFW's very own Pay Per View... The Rush for Gold. Now I came in to the EFW wanting to make a name for myself. I came here wanting to make a showcase of my natural abilities. Never once did I come here wanting to become champion, in fact I never was in a "Rush for Gold" so to speak. However.. what better place to become champion, than at EFW Rush for Gold?"
Dunn pauses momentariliy looking around his house, as he takes a deep breath in.
"Dynamite" Derek Dunn: "Speedhawk... a few weeks back you and I exchanged some words. Those words have carried over with me, day after day. You not knowing my name.. not knowing really who I was. Well I'll tell you this, you may be the Will of Fire Champion... come Rush for Gold, you'll be nothing more than a has-been. Whether I cost you the title, whether I steal the title, whether the title catches on flames. The fact of the matter is, at The Rush for Gold.. you will not be walking out of that arena with the EFW Will of Fire Championship Belt."
Dunn smiles evilly as he looks straight at the camera.
"Dynamite" Derek Dunn: "You see, it doesn't matter if I'm in the match or not. It doesn't matter if I'm in the same building or not. The championship match at The Rush for Gold will have an East West Connection to it. Whether its The Rapping Russian, the 7 foot monster with the bad accent. Yes Boris, I said it. Or Speedhawk you might run in to the explosiveness of the one and only "Dynamite" Derek Dunn. Or... even possibly, you could meet an unknown member of the East West Connection. Either way Speedhawk, and hear my words. you will not walk out of The Rush for Gold with the Will of Fire Championship. In fact, I've even called ahead and booked you a room over at the Hospital, just so you have a place to go after you cough up that championship title."
Dunn slowly stands up and walks towards the camera, shutting it off as the screen turns to black.

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