Two Breaths, Two Words (Open)

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Two Breaths, Two Words (Open) Empty Two Breaths, Two Words (Open)

Post  Distor Centura on Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:40 am

The techno beats of Basic Breakdown begins playing, as Distor walks down the ramp, mic in hand.
Distor: “Ahh, it is so good to be in a decent federation again, not only for myself, but for all these fans as well.”
The crowd begin cheering to this.
Distor: “I mean, I haven’t been here more than three weeks, and already, we have had murders, big mouths, alter egos, gangs, beat downs, threats, taunts, threatening taunts, elinations, tag tournaments, a teaming of the biggest, baddest dudes in wrestling, a teaming of the hottest chicks in wrestling, a tag team match consisting of said dudes wrestling said chicks...”
Distor stops to take a break, before continuing.
Distor: “Steel cages, I quit matches, submissions matches, last blood matches, wrestlers which refuse to bleed in said last blood matches, steel cage matches, steel cage matches with cages large enough to climb under the ring, Hell in a Cell matches, Hell on a Cell matches, Hell on a Ship matches, people going to hospital, people that dress like they should be at hospital, and last but not least, something that every wrestling federation should not go with out….that’s right… a Russian.”
Distor stops, and looks at the crowd which has been cheering him at each pause, until he said Russian, causing all the cheers to turn into boos.
Distor: “But don’t you worry about any of that. For tonight, on this special match infested show, for my third match here, I will be taking on another debutante… in none other, then an I Quit match. There probably isn’t any more humiliation than saying I Quit, and tonight, I intend to make Sujeto say it, on his first ever match in this federation."

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