EFW - 15/10/09

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EFW - 15/10/09 Empty EFW - 15/10/09

Post  Kaluani on Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:09 pm


here goes my show card for thursday... It's not already settled, so if anything is wrong with it, give me a big scream Wink

4th: Tag Tourney:

3 Suf Mysterio Vs The Rapping Russian

5 YG / Kal Vs. Von Bruisin'

6 Hardcore: Faith Devine Vs Toby Mysterio

7 Steel Cage: kan2 Vs. Alexis LaCoeur

8 Hardcore: Ogre McJoker Vs. Maddogz

9 LMS: Mr. P. Mosh Vs. Napoleon

10. Z rapper Vs. Dunn

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