Kitty Cat? (open to Cattivik)

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Kitty Cat?  (open to Cattivik) Empty Kitty Cat? (open to Cattivik)

Post  Damien Darkness on Thu Oct 08, 2009 12:51 am

The lights dim and Damien Darkness appears at the top of the entrance ramp.
Damien Darkness: "Your Bonfire Champ is here! I'm finally back on the Sunday night show where I belong. Before I have some words for my opponent, let me bask in the crowd adoration."
Damien Darkness revels in the chorus of boos that echo through the arena.
Damien Darkness: "Your love for me is obvious, you bunch of lowlife scum. I'm surprised most of you could count high enough to figure out how much money you needed to pay for your tickets to see me. Now, to my opponent for the night. I've been put up against a pussy cat, I mean Cattivik. The management has run out of quality opponents and has decided that this specific lowlife is a better representative of this crowd. I hope my opponent has something vaguely entertaining to say before I use him as a punching bag."
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