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Post  Distor Centura on Thu Sep 24, 2009 2:59 pm

Name: Distor Centura

Alignment: Tweener (Determined via coin flips D: )

Height: 5’11

Weight 190lbs

Distor Centura Animeboyredhair

Theme Song: Apartment 26 - Basic Breakdown

Background: The local Aussie wrestler, from the late, great UNWA federation. He disappeared for several months due to the fact that he slept in and missed his flight, and so was stuck in Europe working for several other federations. He’s still as laid back as always, though is now far more capable of holding his own in the ring than before.

Distor has a habit of not specializing in one particular fighting style, instead choosing to be a jack of all trades. He’s capable of giving a beating just as good as he’s taking, is moderately skilled in using submissions, and has taken to the air on more than a few occasions.

Most notable for showing up late, always being out of money/food, use of the baseball bat, blindingly bright lights when he makes an entrance, and has lately been showing interest in the use of fireworks… and explosions. Also noticeable is that he’s hair has been dyed from black to red, as has most of his wrestling attire.


Distor Centura Bows To His Laying Opponent Before Saluting To The Crowd executing The Reboot

Trademark Moves:

Modified Emerald Fusion
Modified Jumping Piledriver
Modified Dragon Sleeper

Distor Centura swings the opponent into the ropes then bounces off the perpindicular ropes picking up speed
then Distor spears the opponent driving him up and ramming his head down against the turnbuckles executing a devastating Final Assault (Direct Damage)

Distor Centura crouches in front of the opponent as he turns around and moves forward
causing the opponent to fall onto Distor's back as he flips ramming his opponent into the ground head and shoulders first executing a devastating Vertigo (Pin)

Distor Centura spears the opponent then rolls him over
and crosses his legs placing the opponent in a modified sharpshooter executing a devastating Fallout (Submission)

Distor Centura

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