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Name: Kane 2
Nicknames: Metal Dog, The Big Monster, Fire man
Style: Strong

Alignment: Face
Age: 42
Nationality: Portugal
Hometown: Lisbon
Height: 7 foot
Weight: 323 pounds

General Attitude: Help the new superstars or the one who is in a bad situation, always looks for an adversary, he is very furious and do not forgive in the combats, it does not support treasons.

Entrance Music:

Note: if you will use the videos for the matches, I have two entrance videos but the first one is for PPV and the second one is for normal days. Thank you


Normal days:

Wrestler Picture::
Kane 2 bio Dave_m11


1- The Revoluction X Submission (Submission)
kane 2 Gives an opponent to be off at bedtime
And puts the opponent on his back with both hands grabbing the neck and putting the knee in the back executing a devastating The Revoluction X Submission

2- Chockslem(Pin)
kane 2 Grab neck of oponnent
and slams him on the mat executing a devastating Chockslem


1- Strong Submission
2- Spear Smash
3- Death Blood
kane 2
kane 2

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