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Post  Cameron King on Tue Sep 22, 2009 9:07 pm

Wrestler Name: Cameron King

Face, Heel, Tweener: Face

Wrestler Appearance (Height, Weight or clothing): He has a very good trained body and loves to show it. Out of the ring he wears Jeans and tight shirts, mostly black ones and in the ring he just wears shorts.

Wrestler Background (where does he come from, what is his general attitude, what may be his special gimmick):
Cameron King is one of the really good guys. He wants to revenge unfair tactics around the Wrestling world and tries to help everyone who needs and who deserve his help.
In the past he was always loved by the fans but he makes himself a lot of enemies. Until now he wasnt long in any other fed, it always looked like, he was too good for this business.
The activities from Kaluani in the first two seasons of the EFW impress Cameron King, so that he loves to sign the contract Kaluani offerd him. He hopes now to find a home for the rest of his career under a GM he admires.

Wrestler Picture: Cameron King Camero10

Wrestler Video (Check youtube):

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