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Post  Leon Heart on Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:31 pm

Wrestler Name: Leon Heart

Nationality: British

Weight: 205lbs

Background: A skilled technical wrestler stemming from an amauter background. Leon suffered personal problems after his parents died in a car crash at a young age. He spent time in and out of care homes and young offender centres. It was during this time by chance he met with Bert Woods, a former British and European amatuer wrestling champion, Bert helped bring structure to Leon's personal life and taught him the value of being patriotic along with the art of 'shoot' wrestling.

Leon would later become amatuer champion in his own right before entering the world of Pro Wrestling to open his own federation giving a home to stray wrestlers across the world.

Before that however Leon joined his first federation GEW and after a less than succesful start to his singles carear he teamed with Paulley as 'A Great British Affair' and started to dominate the tag team scene.

Paulleys manager BBC at the time was under investigation after a GEW official was found dead under suspicious circumstances, Leon was later to be found at the centre of this investigation, however no evidence of any wrong doing was found and later Leon's name was cleared.

Leon left the GEW after a dispute with the management and along with a number of former GEW members he started a new federation UNWA, largely financed by the mysterious BBC.

Leon was GM of UNWA for 9 successful months, where he built a large fan base across the world, putting on great shows across the globe.

Now Leon is here in EFW to support his former VGM and long term friend Kaluani.

Leon Heart

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Post  Kaluani on Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:33 pm

Hi !

Old Friend, no place would be home without you! Great to have you among us!

*bows in gratitude*

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