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Post  Arch Reaper on Tue Jun 23, 2009 6:11 pm

Height: 6'2''
Weight 232 lbs
Face/Heel: Heel
From Parts Unknown

Bloodthirst (Tazmission) - Submission
Goremission (Modified Boston Crab with Face Lock) - Submission
Last Drop of Blood (F5 into a Stunner) - Direct Damage

Psycho Lethal Shot - Modified Vertabreaker
Psycho Lethal Claw - Modified Mandible Claw
Psycho Lethal Four - Modified Figure 4

Abandoned at birth, Joshua Carter (Arch Reaper's Real Name) was found near a garbage can and then brought to an orphanage. After 12 years, he soon realized his bloodthirsty side when he killed another orphan who was always pickin on him and went to a detention of minors facility. 6 years later, he was released of his detention because of good behavior.. but that was all act.. the bloodthirst is still there..he says his life's pleasure is the mutilation of others. With his survival experience and training to become a killing machine in the facility, he now roams in the darkness waiting for his victims. He says that's the only way of life that satisfies him. Now he's on EFW so he doesn't have to look around for victims anymore..He knows that his destiny is in EFW..and as he always says.."don't hate the reaper's way..hate the game..Cuz when i find you..that will be your lucky day.."

- M.Page
- Speedhawk

Arch Reaper's Bio Beyond14

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Arch Reaper
Arch Reaper

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