"Dynamite" Derek Dunn (Updated Music)

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"Dynamite" Derek Dunn (Updated Music) Empty "Dynamite" Derek Dunn (Updated Music)

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Name: "Dynamite" Derek Dunn
Nicknames: Dynamite , Dunn, Triple D, 3-D
Style: Speed

Alignment: Heel
Nationality: American
Hometown: Tampa, FL USA
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 220 lbs.

General Attitude: Very explosive attitude. Easy to get along with, trusts everyone until given a reason not to. Very cold to his enemies. A real smart ass at times. Hates to disapoint, and works hard , hustles hard.

History: Born and raised in the streets of Tampa, FL. His brother was killed a young age by a drive by shooter, whom has never been identified. Living his life on the streets taught Dunn to work hard, play hard, and be hard. Having an alcoholic for a mother and a father that left the family before he knew him....Derek Dunn has been raised on his own by himself.

Doesn't normally tend to get close to people, as he has many acquaintances, he sees it as a form of survival more than a need to have the trust and respect relationships. Being picked up by a local gym, Dunn was taught to use Mixed Martial Arts as a form to release pent up aggression. However, once involved in it, Dunn stuck with it, learning everything he could. And learning devastatin submission moves along the way.

After competing in MMA for a year, Dunn got bored and decided to try his life at something different. Hence his entrance in to EFW.

Entrance Music:

Wrestlers Picture:
"Dynamite" Derek Dunn (Updated Music) M24Ka4p2mBhuBNX

1) Dunn and Over (Pin)
"Dynamite" Derek Dunn grabs his opponent by the neck in a choke slam position holding him up in the air Slowly turning around -
and grabbing the back of his neck face planting him full force in to the mat Rolling his opponent over on to his back and covering him executing a devastating Dunn And Over!

1) Dunn Did It (Standing Moonsault)

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