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Post  MPage on Sun Jun 21, 2009 3:41 am

M.Page ( Chuck liddel ...)


Weight: 255lbs
Clothing : In ring : Combat Short ( MMA style )
Cut Scene : S8imple Jeans with Tapout T-shirt

From Montréal Québec

M.Page as been born in a town called Gatineau , he grown up without father , his mom toke care of him alone, as the age of 15 M.Page become a bad a*s , his attitude was out of normal , he was drinking beer, swearing after evry word , he became a god damn son of a b*tch ...

After 2 year of boxing , M.Page join MMA school , And after 5 year , he has been taken by UFC champion Gorge St-pierre, UFC career was great for M.Page , but he suffer from a brain damage due of a head kick , after 2 year of recovery , M.Page has been back in the octogone ... but at the age of 28 , he took his retirment ...

In the near fall of 2005 ... M.Page meet one of his great friend Stone cold Steve austin, who train him for Pro wrestling, M.Page bad ass attidue as came back for the fans , and for the show , and the wrestling move are here to hurth his opponent,

After 2 year of pro wrestling, M.Pafe join the UNWA federation , he just fought two match but it was the begening of his career ...

IN the summer 2009 ... he join the EFW ... and the story is to be continued ...

Finisher And Trade Mark
Whooping Knockout :
M.Page attack his opponent with a solid Elbow , as the opponent fall to the ground , M.Page show his MMA skills by running on the opponent with solids ground in pound punch ... the blood star to show on the opponent face
after some punch M.Page start to raise his opponent on his feet to finnaly assume him a Stunner ... executing a ... Whooping Knockout

Skull Crusher:
M.Page Start with his Uranage Trade mark, the opponent is down to the mat , M.Page run too a turnbuckle to climb on it ... THe Crowd know what is coming next !!!
M.Page Jump in the air with arms wide open crushing his head to the ribs of the opponent executing a devastating Skull Crusher

Trade Mark :
Modified Knee Stomp
Modified Pulling Piledriver
Modified Uranage

Wrestler picture :

M.Page Bio . Liddell

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