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Post  Overlord on Sun Jul 12, 2009 11:53 pm

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The Overlord
Real Name: Balint Brown
Height: 7' Weight: 330 lbs
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue

Ex Aliases: Atlas
Alignment: The tough babyface

Balint was born in the mountains of North Carolina, and was always the largest guy around. As he Finished school, he wanted to further his education, and found wrestling the best way to pay for it.
While currently going taking classes for his degree, he still finds time to be a party machine while not working. If the duo of Overlord and Devastator X are in town, you will find them at the biggest party in town.

The Overlord has had a few partners over the years, before his current Partner in Mayhem Devastator X
They were Thor, Aromic the Destroier, and Bad Blood.

Trivia about Overlord
He is half Cherokee.
He is one of the prime spokesmen for Zappo Cola
Once did a spread for Play girl.
He is part owner of the Bucket of Blood franchise.


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