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Post  SpeedHawk on Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:16 pm

Wrestler Name: SpeedHawk

Fun and party guy, mostly face, but could also be made tweener if he gets to know the wropng guys

Wrestler Appearance (Height, Weight or clothing): Usually differs from show to show, but always wears a hawk-mask and has his Hawk Callum with him

Wrestler Background (where does he come from, what is his general attitude, what may be his special gimmick):
SpeedHawk did a lot of things before he came to wrestling. He is generally a funny guy and likes to party and rock and such, and his bad habit of sometimes drinking too much did cost him more than one job. He started off as a sailor, went over to beeing a lumberjack for some time, after he was fired there he was the DJ in a hard-rock disco and while working there found his love for wrestling. He likes to show off and kick other people's butt, simply put.
As long as the fans cheer for him and there are some easy girls to gather, he is with it!

Wrestler Picture

The Hawk is here! 111168048

Wrestler Video (Check youtube):

Err... code, right?

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-Running Up the Clouds: As usual for SpeedHawk, his finishers are gigantic show-offs! Running Up the Clouds is a fast running finisher where SpeedHawk lets the enemy fly around in the ring to apply a devastating submission hold.

-Diving Hawk Swoop: It is a combination of a scisscor kick and a running moonsault on the ropes

-Prey for Mercy: SpeedHawks trademark finisher. He climbs the turnbuckel to finish the enemy with a somewhat devastating KHA-WHÄM flying Neckbreaker !

Trademarks are not of importance yet. Stuuupid Balanced Moveset...


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